Furniture that Fits:

A Murphy Bed is only as useful as the person who has to fold it. But what if that person were a robot?

Introducing Rinckl’s Canopy Bed (pictures coming soon!), the bed that puts itself away, creating a desk or free space where the bed had been. Control it from the side panel, your phone, or voice-enabled virtual assistant. Sleep, lounge, work, work out; all in the same cozy place.


Our Goal

Dense urban living is only becoming more important as the world’s population moves to cities. The ecological footprint of an urban dweller can be reduced by reducing the footprint of their flat. We aim to make that an easier choice by creating furniture that makes those spaces even more efficient.

How? Using robotic furniture to make room for living.

We know the way your furniture looks is important, too. Aesthetics are our calling, and we want to make sure you get form and function.


Furniture that Fits your life

— A Disaster Averted


We know that your life feels a little crazy. You wake up, you’re out the door in no time. You come home and your place- shockingly- hasn’t changed since you left; it’s still a bit untidy. Perhaps tomorrow you’ll wake up for your first alarm and make the bed properly.

You’ve gone for a drink after work, and you realize you’re late. You’re having friends over to play Settlers of Catan or watch old episodes of The Wire. Your place is a disaster and friends will be there any minute.

Just pull out your phone on the way home, tell your flat to clean itself, and get back to Instagram. Voila! Hostable space. Impressed friends. The day is saved. Now you can trade some sheep for wood.


Our Team

Will Fischer - Will is the former Director of Engineering at Nano Precision Medical and is a mechanical engineer with experience in nanotechnology, material science, and robotics. He is a registered United States Patent Agent and has a BS and Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University and an MBA from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.

Alyssa Redding - Alyssa is a freelance interior designer and furniture designer. She lectures at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Berlin, Germany, and has won awards both in the United States and abroad for her designs. She has a BArch with Honors from California Polytechnic in San Luis Obispo.



Germans spend more on furniture


of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050


Berliners live in studio apartments